Meet your Canadian photographer

I’m Kayla, your Canadian photographer and the face behind Kayla Marie Photography. A born and raised Canadian from Saskatchewan (the Canadian province most people cannot pronounce or spell). For as long as I can remember I have always been the quirky adventure seeker and hopeless romantic with a camera in her hand - it’s quite fitting. 

I have been documenting life since 2014 and grew my passion for photographing love stories ever since. What started as a hobby turned into a full blown passion career. Capturing life as it is, in the moment and embracing chaos has always been my focus after a rather close look on how life is way too short to not have fun. Life is not perfect, I am not perfect, and no love story is perfect - SO HELL LET’S EMBRACE THAT!

Now, I hate talking about myself (even though I like to babble - guilty) but I am a quirky, firecracker that loves to embrace happiness, laughter and passion. I am the one who plays 90s hip hop and rap during a session and ask you to love on each other during it (how romantic right?). And pink and daisy’s are a permanent personality trait of mine - pretty fun hey?

But on the flip side, sorry to get sappy for a second - I started KMP after I suddenly lost my best friend at the age of 19. His personality was the most loving, encouraging, and happy personality you could ever encounter, it was infectious. His heart sparked my love of capturing and documenting love just as it is. That means : no awkward poses, no prom poses and no stiffness are occurring in front of my camera!

Now that you read all of that - here is a sparknotes version of me:

Fav travel destinations so far: New York City, Oregon, Sunshine Coast (the B.C. version)



I’ve had a camera in my hand since 2014

I am a 5ft tall firecracker with all the smart ass remarks



Pink is my favorite personality trait


I am a Starbucks addict

I am one of those people who thrives with all 5 love languages


I purchased my first house in 2022 at the age of 24


I hate flying but am a travel seeker (it’s a fun combo)


I was in school for social work, but dropped out to puruse photography


I am a class A shopaholic (homesense - YES PLEASE)


I have full ADHD - so my brain can’t stop working in overdrive - hence the 11 facts not 10


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